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Winner of BCA’s 2021 awards, Abigail Waddell is a part time NHS Rheumatologist but spends nearly all of her spare time painting.  She says, “It’s is the perfect balance for me, keeping the scientific and artistic parts of my brain enthusiastic, active and engaged.”

Abigail lives and paints in the Cotswolds. She also paints scenes related to her favourite places in the UK including NW Scotland where she spends her summers as well as Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

She sketches plein air and then finishes her works or creates larger works based on sketches back in the Studio. Working mainly in oils, Abigail invites the viewer to play a role in interpreting all she sees, drawing them into the reflections and colours of the land and sky she immerses herself in.

As well as BCA’s 2021 award, Abigail has also won the Gloucester ‘Art in the City’ plein air competition and was selected for The Times and Sunday Times Literature Festival Art exhibition in 2018, The  Regency Gallery Cheltenham Summer Exhibition in 2018 and The Wilson Gallery in 2019. She has also undertaken numerous group shows in local galleries and was Artist in Residence at a local National Trust property between 2019 and 2020.



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