One of the main roots to happiness imho is acceptance of the here and now. The place we find ourselves today is perfect, even if it may be painful. Of course, it’s easier to accept the now if we’re happy, and long may that happiness last if you’re enjoying a bout. But when life throws curveballs, that’s when we need to remember it’s just life’s rich path and it will pass. Everything always does.

Accepting that where we are now in our lives is perfect allows us to kneel down to any pain we’re enduring and let it wash over us. The quicker we accept life’s challenging situations and take a moment to assess how we got there is critical. Sometimes it’s brought on by our actions: sometimes not. Knowing the difference is important.

Either way, berating ourselves is pointless. Being proud or frustrated are equally unhelpful emotions. Life is a series of waves and the surfing of them becomes easier when we stay focussed on staying in the moment without judgement and accepting our lows as well as our highs as we surf through life. They are the ying and yang of existence.

Enjoy the highs, endure the lows but understand that life becomes easier when we embrace acceptance at the toughest times. That’s when we’ll need the strength most of all.

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