As we get older, it’s inevitable that we contemplate death, I guess. I hope I’ll be ready and succumb to it when my time comes, but I’m privileged even now to think of the successes I’ve been blessed with in my three score+ years.

Love from some astonishing beautiful people I would rate as the top of that list of successes though. Love is the sunshine of life: it brightens our pathways in the dark and warms us in its embrace when we’re cold.

I do look back and see places I could have done things more lovingly, but I think/hope I’ve left my fair share of sunshine in my wake for others to follow.

People are like trees. Of course, we’ll wither at some point, but given the right amount of sunshine, each year we’ll grow bigger and more beautiful; sheltering the vulnerable with the nutrient-rich fallen leaves beneath our branches until it’s time for them to grow unaided.

Love is one of the only things I know that multiplies when shared and so as much as I’ve had, I truly hope others have felt mine tenfold and will continue to this coming year. If so, that’s a legacy that I know will keep me warm in the winter of my days.

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