Amanda Hoskin

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Amanda Hoskin

Amanda Hoskin is Cornish, through and through. She studied at Falmouth College and Chelsea College of Art as well as Cornwall College. Straight out of formal education, Amanda became a freelance wildlife illustrator in London before moving to the West Country in the early 90’s.

This change sparked her interest and passion for landscape painting. As she continued to produce paintings, her passion for her craft grew, especially when she embarked on the use of watercolours instead of oils for sketching, allowing her to paint using different techniques and expressing herself in more impressionistic styles.

Amanda loves painting skies and landscapes, these days in Oils, paying special attention to the light when it falls onto water. Her great love and understanding for nature that she surrounds her continues to drive her passion and she spends many hours ambling through the countryside, immersing herself in Cornwall’s exceptional vistas.

Because of that engagement with the environment, she is able to express those scenes with her own style of enchantment and beauty, effectively capturing the light and foliage in her calm and tranquil works. Clearly, due to her success, Amanda captures the familiar essence of Cornwall, both for the native and visitors of Cornwall.

“As an artist, I am influenced by the Cornish landscape that enfolds me. Cornwall is my greatest inspiration so whenever I find my work difficult or challenging, I grab my sketchbook and go and find inspiration on a long walk and soon those ideas come rushing forth. My art starts within my sketching whether it is a watercolour, a line drawing, or simply a written note to remind me of my thoughts and feelings later.”

Amanda Hoskin is one of the country’s leading artists, specialising in the modern impressionism of the Cornish landscape. She paints ‘plein air’, in the tradition of impressionists, skilfully encapsulating the momentary and transient effects of light in her stunning and sought-after work.



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