Andrea Mosey

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Andrea Mosey is mainly a landscape artist using oil paints whilst utilising a mixture of brush and palette knife. Through her paintings, Andrea aims to tell the stories of the places we all love through the use of colour, light and shade.

Andrea focuses on painting the awesomeness of wide open landscapes: the dramatic clouds and skies of North Yorkshire that capture a special quality of light for her.

She tries to capture the evocative, peaceful nature of the moment whilst including a sense of time and place in  her work:  places that feel familiar and organic to us all.

As well as painting landscapes, Andrea’s catalogue includes still life compositions. She works exclusively in oils and combines reference images, imagination and memories into her works.

Andrea’s artistic career quickly gathered pace after launching herself on the art market during lockdown and her demand has built up with a startling momentum. She is now a full time artist and her work is collected both in the UK and internationally and we’re delighted to represent her having overwhelmingly won our BCA Awards 2023 through a public vote.



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