On rare occasions, we get to a stage in life where we suddenly see how far we’ve come. I had this moment of bliss recently when I was sitting in a beautiful location, that before would have seem well out of my reach.
That moment of ‘arrival’ was so powerful I almost felt I didn’t deserve to have it all – the abundance of working with wonderful people surrounded by loving, appreciative friends and family – it truly felt like an overwhelming gift, and yet, there I was.
Life brings us ups and downs: sometimes the ups are tinged with sadness, sometimes downs laced with hope. But on rare occasions the purity of a moment of beauty rises above the fog and astounds us. They’re a treasure so enjoy them for what they are. I, for one, did.
We’ve all worked hard to get where we are. No one achieves anything in life without challenges. The harder they are, the more we appreciate our arrival. So well done for achieving what you have. It’s been hard earned, so enjoy those precious moments of appreciation and allow yourself to bathe in their simple joy.
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