April 2018

I was struck recently by the change in our lovely dog, Trudy. We had my mum’s dog, Bracken, to stay – who’d she’d met not long after Trudy had joined our family. Trudy had been calm and forgiving with her guest at the time and quite passive.

When Bracken came last week, however, Trudy was a lot more protective over her parents and belongings. Natural, I guess, now she has her feet much more ‘under the table’ but it occurred to me that we’re all a little like that.

Those that have little in life come across the most generous… they have less to lose! As we get more and more ‘things’, however, we have more and more to lose, so our protective instincts become heightened.

I’m no stranger to this myself. Now I have a beautiful house and thriving business, I do find it hard not to panic when it seems under any kind of threat. Base instincts to DO something kick in, when I feel those gifts at risk and it doesn’t bring out the best in me.

One of the hardest things to do when faced with any threat is to relax and breathe. The urge to throw a net around what we have is huge, but in reality (as I’ve said many times) the only constant is change. Allowing ourselves to let that perceived threat pass and relax into the changes that are force upon us by life is hard, but necessary.

Unlike Trudy, we have the power of consideration. Even though base instincts may rise up, we can choose not to act upon them. There’s no question it’s difficult, but the results of embracing change are a stress-free and more open and relaxing existence. And anyway, how many times have we feared change, only later to find it was one of the best things that could have happened to us?

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