As I write, I’m sitting on my bed with the rain pattering against the window with my well-walked dog lying beside me, full of food and sound asleep.

My wife is downstairs preparing another superb supper and I’m sitting here thinking about what I should write about when it suddenly occurs to me it’s right before my eyes.

There is little as satisfying in life when a moment dawns on one that we’ve arrived. As fleeting as the moment may be, it’s such a gift of realisation that I find myself almost taken by surprise.

We all meet hurdles every day. Some we overcome immediately; some linger for a while before a resolve is found; but some are far more stubborn and affect our lives over much longer periods.

Having had some of these recently, at this very moment, I find myself free of all of those. It’s a precious moment of celebration. Not one I’m ready to fly through the air on like a well-earned victory, but a simple quiet realisation that life doesn’t get much better than this.

I hope I can allow this to stay with me for a few moments more; a precious few hours, maybe. I understand it won’t be long before another challenge faces me square on. But for now – for this moment at least – I am at peace with the world and I feel whole and full. A simple but overwhelming love for all I have; an all-encompassing feeling of gratitude which I’ll cherish and inwardly cuddle like a warm, favourite blanket.

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