BCA Awards 2024 Submission Form

Welcome to the BritishContemporary.art awards 2024. We’re now welcoming entries into this annual competition with a chance for one artist to win a year’s representation with some of the countries best British Contemporary artists.

The winner will not only receive unlimited representation 24/7-365 through BritishContemporary.art’s website for a year, they will also receive a host of social media promotions to our tens of thousands of followers and alongside some of the best artists working in Britain today.

To enter, please fill out the form below, adding a high-resolution photo (min of 2000 pixels on the longest side) of your submission. Please make sure the photo is square, of good likeness, is well cropped to the artwork and not including any frames, etc.

We only allow one submission per British-based artist and the first submission made will be the only one we will use, so please make sure you choose wisely first time.

After the submission closing date (midnight on 31st December 2023) in early January 2024, we will choose the finalist artworks from the artist’s submissions and these will be put into the final public vote and the winner with the most votes will be announced at the end of the voting period.

We will of course share images of the finalists on our social media feeds as well as some submissions in the first round, but it is highly recommended that the finalists also promote their artworks with their own following, collectors, friends and family to get the best chance of obtaining the most overall votes.

Why not get your fans started by cross posting your submission and tag us in it once sent in? We may even repost your submissions for you! Use the hashtag #BCAawards




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