As I’ve said before here, one of the biggest issues with social media is that it feeds us more of what it thinks we like… to keep us engaged. So, if we like movies, Ugg boots, or a certain politician’s views, that’s what we’ll see more of on our timeline and in the advertisements the platforms direct at us.
But, why is this an issue? Because in seeing only what we like and believe in, we think the rest of the world pretty much agrees with our limited viewpoint.
Many dictators and politicians who surround themselves with ‘yes men’ and people who are too afraid to challenge their point of view, run into the same limitations and so it shores up their belief in both themselves and their idea(l)s. In this, they lack the insight of confrontation and so become singular in their thoughts.
A while back, I had friends to visit whose opinions don’t align with mine, but good friends they will remain. They reflect back at me thoughts I wouldn’t otherwise consider and allow me to challenge my own beliefs, which can either make me grow in those thoughts, or consider a new viewpoint I hadn’t thought of.
We all have a responsibility to seek out our own truth, but we can’t do that without considering another’s. Questioning our thinking and re-evaluating our views I find imperative. After all, isn’t that the root of all good philosophy?
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