Chelsea Davine

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Chelsea Davine is a sought-after British artist who currently lives and works in Spain, but her work is based upon the rolling landscapes of her beloved Dorset where she grew up.

Chelsea’s subject matter takes in the coast, sea and woodlands of spring, autumn and winter. Her lines of desire criss-cross the landscape, allowing time to play its corrosive effect on materials and finding the beauty in what she sees around dawn and dusk and throughout the day.

The effect of her ‘playing’ with corrosion is especially present in her steel and copper paintings where she uses sea water as the ‘paint’ as the world filters into her studio adding colour and light to the ever present seasons.

Chelsea’s range of Meridian paintings are based on the Hunters and Harvest Moons in spring and Autumn. She often works on many pieces simultaneously, giving them a connection and harmony – even though the subject matter may be different – in the hope the viewer finds that harmony and beauty when taking in the work.

Chelsea has works in collections globally from London and New York to Hong Kong and Sydney. She often works on commission and has enjoyed working for private clients as well as commercial properties such as restaurants and yachts.



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