I always find it interesting how we make choices in life. When we’re young, we’re more inclined to make knee-jerk reactions and it’s through those we discover joy, pain, heartache, love along with many other emotions…. and rightly so. It’s what youth is for.

As we get older, many of us become wiser and our choices are more reserved. We learn that putting our hands in there, doing that, starting a relationship with those, etc. will bring us experiences we don’t desire, so we avoid doing it.

The question is, are all our later-life choices built on fear or wisdom? Do we avoid doing many things because we fear an outcome, or simply that we resect an outcome? A subtle difference but nevertheless a defining one.

Living in fear is, for me, an exclusive reaction. We avoid taking chances when we fear. But it’s by taking chances despite the possible outcomes that makes life exciting, and, for me, being inclusive is always the brave and fearless choice. I guess that’s what they mean by ‘choose life’!


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