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Colleen Conti was born in America and moved to the UK as a child. Exchanging the woods and mountains of Georgia, she loves being near water whether it be the sea, a river, a canal or a lake and is inspired by the cascading South Downs along the Sussex coast as well as Cornwall.

Achieving a BA Hons from Brighton Art College, Colleen qualified at Goldsmith’s College London first as a teacher. She then went on to teach Art for over three decades, leading an Art Department for over two of those.

In 2020 she retired and took up her passion for painting professionally whilst teaching and running Art workshops. She has become a prize winning painter and was selected for the Sussex Open and selected for the international juried Art2Life Exhibition in 2021. She has also received awards in the Association of Sussex Artists Annual Exhibition in 2021 and 2023 amongst many others accolades.

Colleen’s work encapsulates the beauty of the South Downs and the Cornish Coast, where she frequently visits. She paints with bold, expressive, brushstrokes to create paintings that capture the colour and atmosphere of the place she chooses to paint. Each work expresses a distinctive quality of light which is unique to her eye and her chosen palette.



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