I’ve noticed throughout life how often we compare ourselves to others. Are we better or worse than another? Earn as much money or have a better house than our friends? Are our jobs better or cars cheaper? How about weight, marriage, kids or abilities?
I have a lot of people I call friend’s and even more acquaintances and not one of them is anything like me. They love, eat and do different things. Some have more money and some far less. They live in spectacular houses and small apartments. And of course, they all have different jobs. So why do we compare ourselves to others?
Up to just over a decade ago, my wife and I had always lived hand-to-mouth and I wondered if I’d ever have ‘enough‘ to retire, like our friends, even if we didn’t need a multitude of holidays away and second homes. Now, after a decade of hard work, some luck of the gods with our modest investments, I find myself semi-retired.
It’s not how some would imagine it, but that comparison doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s modest but workable and for once, I find myself rejoicing in not having to compare or qualify my life to anyone: we have what suits us and it’s enough.
No matter where you are in life, I would highly recommend reconsidering the comparisons you make. We are all different: want different things and have different roads in life to achieve them. We should rejoice in our individualities and relish our own ideals. Find what makes you happy and simply become that. Stay in your own lane and see the magic of your own potential. We are enough.
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