Whilst walking on the beach the other day, my mind was transported back to a moment over 20 years ago in Potsdam, Germany. I was awaiting a bus back to my flat in Berlin and, in my best German, I struck up a conversation with an elderly lady waiting with me at the bus stop.

She had that perfect mix of wisdom and naughtiness that I find so alluring in a person and although I can’t remember what we talked about over those immensely enjoyable 20 minutes, I do remember feeling a powerful warmth and bond that one usually gets when conversing with an old friend.

When we eventually reached her stop, it was almost as if we were being torn away from each other and I remember like it was yesterday the look she gave me from the pavement outside the bus window as we pulled away; knowing we’d never see each other again, but the warmth for the bond we shared on those precious few miles together.

I’m sure everyone can remember their moment like this and my feeling is these angels are sent to remind us that we intrinsically want the same thing, regardless of race, religion, beliefs and fortune… the need to connect.

I truly hope my recollection sparks one for you. Remembering those who’ve touched our lives at this time of year, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment, surely is the essence of Christmas. I’m sure you’ll be remembered in another’s thoughts and have touched them in some way as well, so I hope you’ll take a moment to revel in that precious memory again and celebrate your connections.

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