I recently came to a crossroads in my life. Someone addressed me in a way I found disrespectful, but it was my reaction to that email that surprised me the most. So much so, I had to readdress my motivations behind what I do.

There’s no question that the project I was challenged in is of a lot of benefit to our community as well as giving financial support to the locale. But even thought I had created this community non-profit over a decade ago, if my own abilities haven’t grown with that of the ever-growing resource, I had to readdress my position.

There have been many cases of projects becoming so big as to outgrow those who created them and that doesn’t just apply to charities. Business too can start with one intention and end up in a completely different place.

Just because someone has the ability to build and launch a ship, doesn’t mean they have the same abilities to sail it. Having the humility to understand that is important.

I decided to put out some feelers to see if anyone, or several in the community, would be willing to step up to the plate, but I wasn’t hopeful as I had asked many times before. Lo and behold, not only did they come forward, those who applied couldn’t be better suited to the roles.

I’m confident they will bring the excitement, enthusiasm and abilities to the table that I had over the years managed to lose. It is such a delight to know this important project will be infused with a new energy. I guess it remains true: You don’t always get what you want, but when the crunch comes, you get what you need!

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