As I age, I become more and more fascinated by the ebbs and flows of life. In my past, I rigidly focussed my sights on particular goals, only for them to often slide past me, or if achieved, didn’t have the impact I was expecting nor felt I deserved for my effort.

It’s only as I’ve got older do I revel in where life will take me next. Now, on the verge of a new adventure, having given up the desire to force my way through life instead of giving way to its tides and currents, I am excited to see where that step through the door will bring me.

The more I trusted in the ‘process’ and allowed the Gods to guide my destiny – whist I only concentrated on my desires and stayed open to other suggestions – the more the excitement of the next chapter revealed itself.

Fighting life’s riptides can be exceptionally exhausting and even life threatening. We WILL end up where we need to go so we can either allow ourselves to be led, and reserve our energy for tackling life’s inevitable waves, or we can swim against everything and leave ourselves exhausted when faced with challenges.

There is so much beauty in observation and watching our own transformations and those observations can be an utter delight to behold if we allow ourself to be guided by the tides.


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