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Daniel Cole started life as an illustrator. After doing a Foundation Course at Falmouth he studied Scientific Illustration at Blackpool College of Art. In 1988, having won a Readers Digest travel prize, he spent three months in Brazil watching and sketching birds. Since then he has been on a multitude of trips to India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Nepal, Australia, and Indonesia, sketching both for pleasure and work.

Daniel has since has worked on numerous projects as a commercial illustrator doing field guides of Game Fowl and has worked for clients that include – Nestle, Lloyds Bank, White Mackay and many more.

He has had work published globally in encyclopaedias, children’s books, magazines, posters, etc. and although illustration is still important, he never lost his ambition to paint.

“Illustration taught me the discipline of accuracy of subject and deadlines. Now, though, I spend most of my time painting. In such, my inspiration comes from my lifelong love of natural history and so feel it essential to draw from life. For me, this is the only way to capture the movement and shapes of animals as they are rarely still. I make sketches in the field and they are accumulated into my numerous notebooks which become the starting point for all my work.”



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