I faced today what I call my ‘deferrals’. They’re the things we put off to another day because we just don’t want to face them, for whatever reason. We all have them and the most pressing ones are the ones you just thought of when you read this. Yes, THAT thing.

It’s completely natural to put things off from time to time. But when they start to gnaw at our conscience, that’s when they become unwelcome baggage and so are doing us no service.

Mine was the downstairs bathroom. It was a little damp and needed a touch up but it was a grizzly job that I found myself avoiding because I had ‘more important’ things to do.

It can be anything: a DIY job, some paperwork, a tax return or even a letter we know we should write to someone but don’t know how to start. Whatever the ‘deferral’ I urge you to take a look at it. Yes, today. Sure, it may not be something that can be actually done today, for whatever reason, but most of us have prep we need to do before undertaking the task, so maybe buy that tool or tin of paint, write a first draft of that letter, even if it’s not the right time to send, or get your receipts in order, ready for the main job of tax returning.

We spend a huge amount of time avoiding things that, in reality, aren’t huge jobs (and they probably take much less time than we give them credit for) but in the end, they mar our ability to focus on other things or worse, our lives.

Tackling our ‘deferrals’ clears our minds and makes room that oh-so-heady feeling of having done it. So, face that task head on, now… today. You know you want it behind you and you know just how good that feels to overcome that block in your life, so face the mountain with determination and do it. I have faith in you!

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