There’s no question to me that the saying ‘you are what you eat’ is true, especially today, but it’s become even more prevalent in my life of late. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 25 years and my heath has undoubtedly benefitted from this diet over those years.

I still took natural remedies for digestion and sleep issues (both of which I can heartily recommend Bimuno for!) because as we all get older I’m sure our systems do become more complicated and changeable.

A few weeks ago, however, my totes gorge wife decided to go back to being vegan. Unlike last time, she’s being more flexible – especially when we dine out – but as the main cook of the family, nearly all of meals I’ve been eating recently have been dairy-free.

It was only yesterday that I realised I haven’t needed any of the usual supplements for my ails and yet my digestion and sleep patterns have been wonderful (when I’m not stressed, of course!).

I’m not suggesting it’s something that we should all do overnight… especially after such a short personal survey, and far be it from me to start an argument about the dairy industry. All I am saying is that it’s an interesting benefit that I wasn’t at all expecting. So although veganism may not be your chosen food for life, maybe it’s food for thought?

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