I’ve become dull. There, I said it. (Although some may think I’ve always been that way) I do consider my life to have been an adventurous one till now.
I spent 35 years in the music industry, touring and writing for some household names before becoming a radio producer, screenwriter, environmentalist and later a gallerist. But of late, I think my life has become what I would have considered boring… but I love it!
Having just come back from a coffee-meet with a new friend, someone younger than me: someone still finding themselves and, probably, like I was at their age, so self absorbed, I wondered why I was even there. It’s then I realised that I couldn’t wait to get home to my wife and dog: back to sitting on my patio, sipping a beer (non alcoholic, obvs, especially for the irrepressibly lacklustre) and watching the waves drift by.
Don’t get me wrong, I like my new friend and I’m more than happy to listen to another’s life unfolding, but I’m so deeply comfortable with my own simple pleasures, it only went to confirm to me how lucky I am with my ‘tedium’ now.
Having spent years wanting to be, and actually being in the spotlight, if I’d have known back then just how much pleasure one can derive from the mundane, I’d probably wouldn’t have bothered trying so hard to be interesting. I guess that’s the beauty of age: it allows reflection: it allows contentment. But more than that, it allows us to embrace our inner dullo. Splendid they are, too!
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