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Emma S Davis RSW PAI studied contemporary art and painting for four years at the Glasgow School of Art and graduated in 1998 with a sell-out Degree Show. Since then she has been working full time as an artist.

She paints vibrant and distinctive paintings on gesso panels and linen. They demonstrate her strong emotional connection with the subjects she chooses. Her unique technique, weaving of paint, light, colour and mood onto textured surfaces results in a highly personal and often thought-provoking interpretation of the special places or times she’s spent in her life. She mainly paints Scottish landscapes and still lifes.

Emma travels everywhere with her sketchbook to capture little moments and she brings her sketches back to the studio to work on. Her paintings, commissions and works are in collections worldwide and she has received many awards over the years including House for an Art Lover Award, Sir William Gilles Award, Miller’s Creativity Award, the Glasgow Art Club Award and this year she was the winner of our own British Contemporary Art Award 2020.

She was also the youngest ever winner of The Alexander Graham Munro Travel Award and at the age of 23 she was also one of the youngest artists to receive the RSW diploma which she received from the Queen. A few years later she was also one of the youngest artists to receive the Paisley Art Institute diploma. We are delighted she has joined BCA and are excited by this stunning collection.



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