February 2018

I’m often asked if I miss the music industry – my chosen artistic expression that lasted over 30 years of my professional life. It seems odd than I could walk away from that so easily. But after deciding to preserve the ‘diamond’ of my writing profession that succeeded it, it’s what I did, and am now able to relish my day-to-day work for my artists.

I think that’s because I understand their obsession of creating something greater than themselves; something that surpasses all they felt they were capable of and achieve greatness for themselves, personally and professionally.

I’ve experienced many moments in my life where I’ve exceeded even my own expectations of what I felt I was capable of. Some songs which I knew were way beyond my writing abilities and even my own screenplay and book, Marcello’s Date, which to this day I still say came through me, not from me.

I am in complete awe of our artists who, in the main, have modest incomes because they want to strive to be more than they are and create personal greatness by ‘hammering away’ at their chosen obsession, day after day. If I can play even a small part in helping them achieve those goals, then I am happy and honoured to do so.

It’s for this reason I work hard at my job. Yes, I enjoy it, but moreover, my artists deserve it. And isn’t that what any worker pays his or her agent to do? If they’re prepared to give that much, I feel I should, too. After all, it’s what I believe a proper partnership is all about.

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