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Fiona Carver graduated Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (hons) in Furniture Design before becoming a London based picture framer and gallery manager.

In 2014, she returned to her home on the Rutland/ Leicestershire border to take up her love of painting and now enjoys working both in her studio and, when the weather permits, plein air.

Inspired by the seasons, over the winter months she concentrates more on still life painting in her studio, drawn to the way the winter light reflects off objects she lays out.  In more clement weather, Fiona enjoys working outside, either locally or enjoying painting trips down at the coast, where she captures the atmosphere, colours and emotion moments she encounters.

Fiona has exhibited extensively in places including the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and she was recently shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In 2023 she won our Award at The Artist and Leisure Painter Exhibition, and her work has been featured on the cover of Country Living Magazine and well as numerous printmaking books.



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