I was looking at our dog, Trudy, the other day in comparison to some of the street dogs we meet, and the difference in her coat and demeanour is strikingly different. Compared to them, the regular good quality food and, more importantly, oodles of loving care have made a profound difference to her demeanour compared to those dogs that don’t get that advantage.

It reminded me of back in the 90s when I was helping my Apache Indian friend transform the lives of people that came to him for help and learn tools to transform their lives. I would see people who had lost their way in life walk in with sadness and a slump in their posture on day 1. The world had truly been rough on them and I’m sure I looked a similar way the day I walked in.

Some months later, some of these people would stop me in the street to thank me for my help and I would truly not recognise them. They were glowing, walking taller (quite literally) would have a strikingly different aura about them.

Science is learning more about this every day, but after my past experiences, there’s never been any question in my mind about the benefits of good food, self-care and (most importantly) allowing ourselves to be surrounded with those who love and respect us.

Whatever you believe in life, one thing is for sure: the people we choose to regularly associate with are an extension of ourselves. So, if that picture doesn’t fit your self-image any more, then simply change it! And the best part: we can all choose to make that change today.

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