Friendships can be the most delicate of things. Some are fleeting and some are lifelong, but none come without disappointments as well as highs. The lifelong ones are smattered with both and they are a fabulous chance for us to examine and reexamine ourselves.

Someone once said that all relationships have a finite number of little connectors. When we first meet someone we like, they’re all nicely aligned. But over time these delicate little fibres become disconnected by revelations and disappointments. Some are repairable, and through that process become stronger. Some are left to fray.

Only time will tell whether enough connectors stay in place to bond a couple into a lifelong relationship but even then changes can happen to stress them.

Coming to terms with our dream vision of someone when they’re challenged is our job and only we can decide which ones to keep working on or lay to rest. But reexamining those that haven’t worked is a great way of working out negative patterns in ourselves.

I believe no lesson is ever wasted and, without emotionally berating ourselves – just observing – we can gain so much valuable insight into those that have worked as much as those that haven’t.

Regardless of the past though, our best friendships are to be embraced and celebrated. Like a favourite threadbare warm winter blanket, they’re there to comfort and protect us, and rightly so… we’ve worked hard for them.

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