We grow as people when we learn something fundamental about ourselves that, from thereon in, we know will change the way we do things. Mostly these lessons are hard-won through life’s challenges, but occasionally they can just come to one ‘coincidentally’.

Whilst on holiday, just such an occurrence overcame me whilst, of all things, playing my favourite puzzle game on my phone.

I’m quite a gung-ho type of person and tend not to spend too much time thinking though decisions. It’s worked well for me in life and has certainly been a great asset to my businesses till now. However, when playing quite a long version of the game, having made fewer mistakes to force me into starting a new game, I suddenly found myself thinking hard before placing the next shape to the puzzle, so as to build up my score.

I’ve played the game in a more laissez-faire way in the past and so this new, careful approach gave me an entire new ‘feeling’ for the game. Needless to say my score almost doubled my past ones and, using the same technique from the outset, the next game I played blew even those heady scores out the ball-Park. So much so, I started to realised that maybe my life in general could do with a similar restructuring… a more thoughtful approach?

I doubt I’ll change fundamentally how I do things, but now, responsible for two employees, representing nearly 50 artists, and having three successful businesses to consider, maybe I should consider a more measured approach to my business dealings…? Maybe ;-0)

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