I love doing DIY. I’ve got much better at it over the years but in all honesty, I’m pretty naff at it compared to any professional. I know others who like to sing but have tuneless voices and some who love to paint, leaving a resulting splurge. So why do we do it?
For me, expressing oneself through any medium no matter the outcome is letting the soul free. It’s doing what you love, no matter the consequences, just because you love doing it.
One of the worst things a hobbyist at anything can do, however, is to ask another’s opinion about their creations. The resulting feedback can easily douse the flames of expression and maybe make us think twice about doing anything that gives us joy again.
Be brave, be bold! Express yourself in any way you wish, regardless of the outcome. As long as our chosen soul-expression isn’t impacting on anyone else, we absolutely should do it. Not to perfect the art – although over time that may come – but simply because of the joy it gives us when doing it.
I’ve been exceptionally lucky in that many of the things I stated out doing for fun have turned into lucrative businesses for me (playing in bands, penning songs, as well as screenplay and book writing) but not one of them started out as a money-making exercise, nor did I consider myself any good at them at the time. I simply did them because I had a desire to do them: to let my soul sing.
I wish you all the best in your soul-singing. Don’t look towards the end result. Enjoy the moment and the inner peace it gives you. Sing, dance, paint or play from the rooftops. Preferably loud enough so I can hear your soul from here!
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