There’s no question that my impulsiveness has been one of my main strengths in life. I’ve had new ideas and immediately grabbed them with both hands. It’s how I became a gallerist 11 years ago with zero experience, and now find myself with a best-selling how-to book on Amazon. Go figure!

But impulsiveness is also my great weakness.

As much as I’ve had success with, say a new project (like in the last month or two) I’ve also found it’s caused me to run into tight corners and this has had an effect on my colleagues, who’ve had to help me pick up the pieces of my rash decisions, not to mention my pocket.

One thing it has taught me, though, is that one shouldn’t change one’s spots just because of a defeat. We must stand, brush ourselves off, apologise to those we have affected and, without self-flagellation, ready oneself for the next exciting idea or adventure.

Our traits are there to support us in our goals. We must learn from past lessons, of course, but we should always utilise the essence of our personalities to forge on with life, and not try to become someone else because of a set-back or let defeat mar our next adventure.

We are who we are and as much as that can have a negative effect on us at times, staying centred and in touch with our true selves is far too valuable a trait to lose than replacing it with another’s idea of who they think we are. Live, learn, apologise and move on. I find it keeps life exciting and refreshing, and who knows, the next project could be the one.

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