I was told recently that one of my musings had inspired a person dealing with emotional issues to revaluate their life. Far from being proud, I was truly thankful that what I’d written had resonated with someone enough to help them.

Like my screenplay, Marcello Marcello, which I always felt came through me rather than from me, I allow the inspiration for these musings to be drawn from the thoughts that drop into my head, rather than considered thinking.

It’s my belief that just being the people we are is enough to inspire others of it comes from a pure source. I’m not necessarily talking about spiritual or learnt ones, but certainly from the natural emotions we inherently have.

Expressing happiness is as valuable as sadness. Showing others it is OK to express natural feelings like grief, anger, envy and fear I don’t believe to be a weakness. When these emotions are repressed, we are left with their negative counterparts: depression, rage, jealousy and panic.

I feel that expressing ourselves is healthy and it helps and inspires others do the same. And the closer we can get to our natural expressions, the more we’ll inspire others to allow their natural, ‘higher self’, to emerge and, in turn, inspire the people around them.

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