It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times.

Charles Dickens’ quote from A Tale of Two Cities couldn’t be more apt at this juncture. Apart from showing people’s colour under the current duress – some have become heroes, some less than celebrated themselves – the intensity of our relationships are being pushed to the limit.

I liken it to a jus or reduction. In these days of isolation, the usual relationship ingredients are condensed together more intensely. We love more, and enjoy the closeness of our loved ones together more – not having one or more of us at work – but with that, comes the stress of being under one another’s feet 24/7.

There’s no doubt that this pressure-cooker ardour of our usual relationship infusion is challenging, but now there, I hope you can find time to take a moment for yourself. Even 10 minutes, to meditate or read; something to take your mind off the restrictions and possible financial implications of the moment. It can help hugely.

There isn’t one of us going through an easy time at present – we’re all feeling the pinch of some kind, either living closely with someone or missing another because of the isolations. But finding a moment to yourself, even if it means the other has to endure more time with the children or family, has huge benefits and can help take us down a notch or two and maybe aid us in seeing the advantages of this confinement.

I feel if you have children, they’ll cherish this time with their parent/s when reflecting in the years to come. And if you’re missing someone, that can help us realise how much that someone means to us.

So do your best to see that hindsight now, if you can. These are trying times, but they could also be the chance for us to embrace one another and discover new things to love about our nearest and dearest.

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