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James W Fortune graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2012 with Honours in Photography and Film. Returning home to the North East of England after his studies, he spent time getting back to the basics in order to fall in love once more with his craft, whilst working in business full time.

Having practised the medium since 2005, James’ understanding of photography as an art form has matured over an extended period of time. Fuelled by his creative background working and experimenting in whatever medium he could get his hands on, including: watercolour, acrylic, oil and copper sheet, he applies a holistic approach to his work.  Each piece is painstakingly crafted in his mind before his tools have left the bag.

In 2017 James dedicated his working life to photography, which gave him the freedom to develop the artistic side of his work at his own pace. With a strong focus on landscape and seascapes, James’ photography came to be much more than capturing the scene before him. He prides himself on applying an introspective, mindful approach to his subjects, channeling feeling and emotion directly into the scene, using complex techniques to make his vision come to life.



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