June 2018

I’ve spent most of my life reinventing myself. After years in the music industry – where I blocked myself, foolishly believing it was my calling – I went on to be a film sound designer, novelist & screenplay writer and even environmentalist.

It was only when I truly opened myself up to other possibilities, though, that I became not only abundant in my finances, but also in my life. Giving 100% to everything one does, I believe, is essential. But more importantly: be open to change and risk.

Nothing is forever and if we listen to the Gods (inner selves/higher selves, etc.) instead of our egos, I believe we will discover riches beyond our wildest dreams. I started BritishContemporary.art as a way of going beyond my own expectations. I threw my misgivings about whether the world was ready for an entirely online gallery and did it anyway.

Why…? because I could, and because I had the idea. And its success has astounded even me.

One never knows where a road will lead, but I do think if a fork comes, we should take it and embrace the path ahead. Nothing we ever learn is wasted; no experience we ever have is for nothing. We don’t know at the time how it will service us, but being brave and reinventing one’s self is both life affirming and exhilarating.

A good friend of mine once told my 30 year-old self, desperate for ‘success’: “You won’t find your wealth until your 50s.” Words I didn’t want to hear at the time, but he was right… and not just financially.

The more you flex the muscle of exploration, the easier it becomes to venture out into the wilderness. And with that ease comes confidence and the potential for huge satisfaction. So my advice is: flex away and reinvent yourself as often as feels right. Don’t just look at it; dive in… believe me, the water’s wonderful!

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