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kaay-BiographyKhalid Khan, known professionally as Kaay, graduated in fine arts from Karachi Fine Art Scool and began a career as a graphic designer.

After undertaking his first exhibition in 1993 he visited London and in love with the city. He went on to study media production and computer graphics and he spent 7 years working as a creative director for a German advertising agency.

Returning to London’s art became his passion and living and now, as an acclaimed artist, he has exhibited exhibited in many european countries including Germany, France, Germany, Spain and the UK as well as countries worldwide like Pakistan.

Kaay’s paintings are a result of his restless nature and he works simultaneously in different styles and subjects. He feels strongly that a painting should depict an artist, not a style but without question his strong lines and powerful energy comes out in an unmistakeable style of its own.



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