Kim Jarvis

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kim-jarvis-biographyKim Jarvis attended the Swansea School Of Architectural Glass and obtained her MA in arts at York University. She started her creative life as an architectural stained glass artist and her stained glass creations can be found in a multitude of churches and public buildings throughout the UK. Working as a stained glass artist has influenced her paintings and she continues to explore light and colour in those too.

Kim’s work can be regularly seen in exhibitions both in The Royal Society of Marine Artists and The Society of Women Artists at London’s Mall Galleries. She paints both outdoors (en plein air) as well as in her home studio.

Her love of the wild, unkempt British coastline where the sky, sea and land dance with light in ever-changing patterns and colours is reflected in her expressive and individual oil painting and we are delighted to bring you some of the best of her work.



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