When I make the mistake of engorging on the world’s news, there’s so many reasons to be despondent. I think what fails me most is the lack of simple kindness. But I was moved recently by the power of this simple but golden gift and I realised then that the more I looked, the more I realised I had around me.

My life today is swamped in it; from family, friends, even acquaintances. My work colleagues as well as being exceptionally good at their jobs are heartstoppingly generous with their kindness and support.

My wife and family put up with me in my worst of times and friends forgive my curtness without a thought, laughing it off a just me being me. Even the feedback I get from you, our wonderful customers for my bi-weekly outpourings make me feel so blessed to be ‘heard’.

I’m not sure I have a point to this thought, other than when life or the world seems to be leaning on us, maybe all we need to do is look around a little. A smile from a stranger, understanding from a friend or family member and even a genuine thank you for just being you; these are kindnesses that can be easily overlooked.

Maybe all these gifts require is our acknowledgement of them?

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