I was reading a report this week on how an astonishing new technological advancement of the wheel has been based on the Japanese art of origami. The wheels can actually change shape whist driving to optimise the comfort and grip for whatever terrain they’re on.
I’m not a great believer in traditions being upheld for the sake of the tradition itself – I believe that can stifle growth – but I totally support the passing down of past knowledge and the preserving of skills, and this potential new wheel is a perfect example of how old teachings can aid new technologies.
As I’ve got older, I’ve understood more about the wisdom of looking back to move forward. Not only to do with humanity and it’s incredible history on this planet, but how much nature itself can teach us about preservation and endurance.
It’s clear our very existence on this planet is under threat from our own actions, but I’m encouraged to see us looking back to our past skills for ideas of how to improve the situation and especially that we’re learning from nature itself about sustainability and endurance.
As we close the chapter on another complicated year – one that has shown us in so many ways how our future could be unless we make some significant changes – I remain optimistic that we are trying harder to learn from our past mistakes and amend our ways. It is entirely in our own interests to do so as nations, but it also starts with every one of us taking one small step today that we didn’t take yesterday.
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