When I was a young, ambitious teenager, all I could think about was fame. First as a popstar, which I had a modicum of success at, and later as a writer: again, for my humble talents, I did achieve a nod of notoriety.
These days, my aims are much more humble.
As I look around me and see the anger, hate, mistrust and fear in the world, I can’t help feel the burden of that weight (exclusively carried by the one who is angry, hating, mistrusting and fearful, I might add).
Now, if possible, I aim to leave in the world with just a little more love in it than I gleaned from it. Not as easy a task as one might think, given I’ve been blessed with more than my fair share of it in my past three score years plus, but I’m going to give it a pop.
I feel strongly we’re the sum of our actions and although, like us all, I’ve made many mistakes in my life where I might have been more supportive, loving or helpful, I now want to make sure I counter that tenfold.
No matter how it manifests: attention, kindness, help, support or simply a smile, I pledge here to do my part to outweigh the negatives mentioned above with calm, love, trust and openness. After all, world peace isn’t something outside of ourselves, it’s the small things each and every one of us does today and every day that brings it to the fore.
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