Lisa Timmerman

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Lisa Timmerman studied at Loughborough and Bristol art colleges before working in the fashion industry for many years. She developed a deep passion for colour which drew her to fellow Leicester artist, Paul Wright, who taught her to paint.

With a desire to produce something permanently uplifting with sophisticated colours that exude optimism, Lisa has been painting, challenging herself & developing her ideas in her studio in the Leicestershire countryside for the past decade.

During this time she has had 3 successful UK solo exhibitions and has collectors across the UK & Europe who buy her work for the joy it exudes.

Having worked in the field of art and design for 35 years, Lisa’s sense of composition is intuitive and her skill as an award-winning painter has been recognised by the BBC on television, radio & website.

Her paintings continue to inspire, with a customer recently stating, ‘I don’t know how she does it but her work is so happy, it’s stunning, it really lifts me to look at it, it makes you feel like the world is a good place and anything is possible’.




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