Anyone who has played solitaire will know how a card suddenly appears more relevant to the game as soon as another has slotted into place before it, opening up what was before so closed and seemingly difficult or impossible.

For me, life acts in the same way. A word, sentence, song or piece of art suddenly makes sense in life even though it had always been there before. It’s like we need to walk into that space where it resides to truly hear its message.

As many will know, I’m a great believer that when the student’s ready, the master will appear but what occurred to me recently is that the answers to everything are there, swimming around beside us day in, day out. We only need to reach out and they’re ours.

That has become such a comforting thought. To know we’ve not got to seek them out or discover the answers to our needs; we’ve simply got to open ourselves up to the fact they’re there, and they’ll reveal themselves. So, the question is; how do we open ourselves up to hearing them?

I think that comes from many things, but making space for them is important. If we’re rushing around all the time, how can we see what’s in front of us? Making space to allow them in, for me is the key. Meditation; silence; even gentle contemplation, this is where we’ll find the answers to almost everything.

But even if I don’t have time to stop and listen, what will always stay with me now is that warm feeling of knowing that any answer to any question I have is right there with me. The only question I have to ask myself is: am I listening?

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