Louise Man

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Louise Man is a self-taught artist who enjoys the challenge of painting in oils and watercolours.

Having grown up in Essex, Louise studied French at Manchester University before working in London as a travel journalist. After eight years in London she travelled extensively through Central and South America, before heading to Australia, where she lived and worked for 10 years.

Louise has painted throughout her life, but it was only on returning to the UK in 2015 that she started to really devote more time to her painting journey.

Now living back in rural Essex, Louise takes her inspiration from all that is around her, which includes the big skies of East Anglia and the ever-changing rural landscapes. She likes to paint with bold brush strokes, conveying the sense and light of a place without including too much detail. She enjoys the process of painting as much as the finished piece, the mixing of colours, the application of paint and the total immersion into the process of applying paint to canvas.

In addition to oil painting, Louise offers watercolour and oil painting workshops from her home and at local art clubs and galleries.



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