After spending 7 years helping my American Indian friend change other’s lives back in Berlin, one of the most common questions I was asked by the attendees a few weeks after the course was: “Why, when I’ve changed my direction in life, am I still getting all these pre-change issues?”

Despite seeming like we’re simply taking a fork in the road when we make major changes in life, the metaphor I’d use is more akin to a reversing car slowing and stopping before moving forward, to one simply taking a bend.

All action is energy, so although we’ve decided on a new path, the momentum of our old life has yet to exhaust itself. We have to allow the old, negative energy to naturally burn out before we can experience the benefits of our hard-earned transitions.

Positive change, no matter what it may be, takes time to rise above the flames of our past habits. Keep focusing on the new regime and be patient for the old energies to pass.

Nothing of value in life comes without hard work. So whatever direction you feel your life needs to go, have patience and persevere. Gain strength from the new rituals and have trust in the process… it’s worth holding out for.

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