Oliver Pyle

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Oliver Pyle is an established and successful landscape artist working exclusively with watercolours. Entirely self-taught, Oliver works from his home in Sussex and his paintings can be found in collections both throughout the UK and worldwide.the

​Oliver likes to explore the impact of light, the weather and the seasons. He combines these to achieve paintings that are evocative and atmospheric. He says:

“As a city and landscape painter, my inspiration comes from being outdoors – experiencing the fields and the streets – where light, the smells, sounds, and textures combine to deliver an outstanding sensory experience.

“My aim is to create a work of art that provides an experience of a certain place. For me, watercolours are the perfect medium for capturing the vicissitudes of the British climate and they allow me to have a spontaneous response to the delicate light that emanates for much of the year.”

As well as painting full time, Oliver teaches watercolour and painting in workshops and demonstrations and writes regular articles for many local and national publications.



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