Partnerships come in many forms and different areas of life. Life partners, business partners, friendships, etc. I find the ones that work the best are the ones that complement each other’s skills/personalities.

For example, in a business partnership, one might enjoy (or at least dislike less) doing accounts and working with numbers whilst the other’s skills lie in design and aesthetics. This can also go three or more ways. I remember in my thirties working for a company in London where the three partners each had honed skills: one sharp-eyed procurement and accounts, another superb sales skills and the third an ideas genius.

Needless to say, the company went on to be a huge success before they parted ways.

Life partners are the same. We all know the saying ‘opposites attract’ and I think to a certain degree it’s right. I’m not a great cook, but luckily my wife is an incredible vegan culinarian (so much so, it’s often a disappointment to eat out); I like to drive and do DIY (whether I’m good at both or not! ;0-) and Susanne gardening and design.

Of course, we also have to have similarities, too, and like the same things or have the same goals, but overall, partnerships that compliment another’s shortfalls are ones that stand the test of time.

Sadly, it’s not entirely those characteristics that guarantee a strong partnership and often, should a business and life partnership become too one sided, animosity can prevail. But I’m blessed that both by in my business and personal life, my partnerships have been flexible enough on both sides to stand the test of time (that is, when I remember to put my coffee cup by the sink after use!).

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