It always surprises me how often we unknowingly give our own power away, mistakenly thinking we’re victims of another’s choices.

I recently read a Twitter post which said: “Why are we asking the average person to become vegan and take 5 minute showers when it’s corporations that are polluting the world with their waste?”

On the surface it seems like an empowering call-to-action statement, but in reality, blaming a company for their ethics whilst buying their products is like going for a swim, then blaming the water for getting you wet.

The reason I eat mainly a plant-based diet and drive an electric car run on 100% green electricity sourced from an ethical supplier is not because I want to be holier than thou, but it’s because I value the power I have and how I choose to wield it.

Our words and actions are very powerful: in truth they define the world we live in. Choices are hard and some are difficult, especially when finances are taken into account, but we always have a choice and they have a huge affect on the world we live in.

Our choices go beyond simple consumerism. Every thought and action we have can either be empowering or depowering to our lives. The question is; which one will we choose at any one point? It’s my belief that the more empowering our choices are, the more our lives will spiral upwards to attain our chosen goals.

I wish you all power with your choices. It’s hard to take the road less travelled but I believe that only when we start to wield our power of choice, will we truly start to realise how powerful we actually are.

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