I was considering how often we say we promise ourselves we’ll do something in the future: start a diet next week/month, take up gym/yoga, start eating healthier, etc. I’m a victim of it like the rest of us, but I should know better.
I made the wise decision when I took over my first gallery to make sure I do my accounts daily, rather than that awful feeling of doing it at the end of the year, when I can’t remember what happened or when a year on. I’m delighted I did as the complications of over 600 sales a year would be impossible to remember!
Like our accounts, rather than putting off until a specific date and binge the tasks we’ve promised ourselves, if we simply made slight changes to the way we live our lives on a daily basis, the diet/fitness/healthier eating would become something we’d hardly notice.
A simple thing like eating off a smaller plate can have huge benefits (apparently, we eat 30% less when eating this way!) or leaving some of our meal (my mother wouldn’t approve, but my waistline would) are simple starts. Doing a small amount of exercise daily and maybe eating plant based two days a week towards a healthier lifestyle… all of these can have huge benefits.
Diets (like keep fit and healthy binges) are renowned for not working. Once we stop them, we’ll invariable put back on at least as much as we lost, or ‘treating’ our bodies to the sugars and fats they’ve craved throughout.
Changing or daily routine, though, has a totally different effect and we can always choose to add more as time goes on if we feel brave enough. You wouldn’t believe the delight it is at the end of a busy year simply to mail a finished spreadsheet to my accountant along with a box of nicely ordered receipts. Now if only I could take my own advice on fitness! Hmmmm.
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