It’s extraordinary how life works out. Although I’m a great believer in walking though open doors, I still find myself having expectations of what’s behind those doors, even though life has taught me time and time again, life never transpires the way we expect it.

Just such an occurrence happened this this month. I was being ‘invited’ down a road I assume would end in simplicity and a quieter life, only to find the road ahead suddenly narrowed.

I smiled, knowingly: once again I was amused and enlightened by life’s rich pattern. I knew it was yet another of life’s tests to see how I would react to some uncertainty along a path I assumed would bring the opposite.

For a while, I found myself navigating Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Depression before I came to find Acceptance: of course the path wasn’t there to lead me to a quiet and tranquil life. I’m 61, not 81!

My resolve and belief was being tested. My decisions to go through those doors were right, but now I had to show belief in my convictions of that decision. Stretch, grow and overcome. Three exercises that will be with us until our last breath: just in varying degrees of import (at least I hope so ;0-)

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