With everything that’s been happening of late, it’s completely understandable that many of us feel despondent, downhearted, frustrated and moreover, helpless. These are natural emotions that rise up when we see the unfair treatment of our fellow people.

My feeling was initially so, but I quickly realised that one thing I could do was to say NO! to those emotions. Terrorists, dictators and oppressors thrive on our despondency and feelings of uselessness. That is their ace card. So by having the resolve to be positive and proactive in the face of adversity, we deny them of that achievement.

I know many of you have donated to causes or created one yourself, like my own project. But I feel that our day-to-day actions of of being positive and showing strength against those who would  try to rob us of those dignities, I feel is something we all can all strive to achieve.

Showing resolve and dignity at a time of crisis, I believe is one of the most powerful actions we can bring to the situation. Even though the news may seem desperate at times, we all have the strength to rise above it: to show resolve in the face of adversity. It is the one gift we can give to those who are suffering at the hands of a tyrant.


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