I recently had a revelation. I’ve been working on a new project for a while and getting more and more frustrated that the ‘money people’ weren’t signing on the dotted line to get us underway.
In the meantime, I had been working on the project, but I wanted the contract to be signed for security so much, it was becoming a distraction: why aren’t they doing things at my speed? Why aren’t they as keen as I am to get this thing underway? There is a time limit, after all!
It’s only then that I realised how silly I was being. I had all this time. I could experiment with ideas. Sleep on work I’d done the day before and wake at 3am (as often I do) with ways to perfect it. I could immerse myself in the warm blanket of inspiration without the pressures of someone breathing down my neck for product: now!
In short, I had the luxury of indulgence. To perfect my work and make it something great, instead of something average. To take advantage of something the world of business rarely affords us: time.
If this project never takes off, by persevering without getting frustrated by other’s actions (or inactions), I’ve allowed myself to improve myself and improve my ideas, regardless of the consequences. In short; becoming better at my craft.
Money comes when it’s ready not when we’re ready, but the perfection of ideas and the luxury of time to consider them fully is truly a gift. Regardless of what happens, by embracing the craft first – instead of the assurance of security – we will come out on top. It may not seem so right now, but by focusing on what we’re good at and leaving others to their individual craft, we create the best for outcome for all.
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