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Sally was raised in London and taught Art and Art History for many years before becoming a full time artist. She undertook her MA in 2022.

As a full time artist she is now inspired by the urban environment and describes herself as a nomad: the concept of ‘journey’ is prevalent in all her current work.

She is taken by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi: the concept that nothing is constant, nothing is complete, and nothing perfect. She aims to capture the textures and colours of rust, in her drawings and her photographs of abandoned buildings. She collects objects she finds on her wanders through cities and when returning to her studio, she utilises these objects to drive the inspired artwork. Although most of her work is abstract, each one is inspired by the fleeting images, imagination and experiences she captured on her roams.

Sally layers hand printed and painted archival papers and then paints over them, adding and taking away to achieve her unique style. Concealing and revealing with transparent layers of paper and glazing. The speculation of what lies beneath the layers  draws the viewer into the finished artwork giving a sense of depth and integrity.

Winner of the BCA Awards 2024, we’re delighted to be working with Sally and her exciting collections.



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